Born out of a desire to write more, Dory Daily Diary is a space for me, a writer, to write little stories, snapshots of inspiration, lists of things (because lists are amazing) of things I love, and general musings.

I love reading, writing, films, TV, people, people’s stories, self-discovery, mindfulness, meditation, colouring in, being silly, having fun, remembering that life is not to be taken too seriously, listening to people, I love people watching, I like painting and taking pictures, travelling to new places and visiting favourite places again and again, I love music, I love singing, I love pretending that everyday objects are musical instruments, I like eating, and I love a well designed meal. Design! Good design that is functional and BEAUTIFUL is also exquisite. Ok so I like and/or love a lot of things… So just be prepared for this blog to be pretty varied for a while.