Podcasts, my favourite ones right now

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I adore Podcasts. I am genuinely excited at the trajectory of the Podcast. Almost everyone has one now (or that’s sometimes how it feels!)

There is so much to listen to. Here are five of my favourite podcasts at the moment for your perusal:

Pardon My French with Garance Dore – I have loved Garance Dore for a long time, I was a reader back in 2008 when I was just starting out in my career and I genuinely felt like she was a shining light in my 9-5 grey days. She has a knack of including you in joy and trials of life without ever over-sharing which is a fine line to walk. Her Podcasts are always worth a listen and I would highly recommend starting with this one where Garance interviews Norma Kamali

George Ezra and Friends – Entertaining, informative podcasts focused on music and really honest discussions artists to artists. Ed Sheeran one is fab.

The Guilty Feminist – Deborah Francis White. I have to admit, I listen a little less now Sofie Hagen is not on because I honestly think that her and Deborah had podcast magic, its still great though and they make me think about feminism in a really interesting put it into practice everyday kind of feminism. I love lots of these episodes definitely try this one from the back catalogue about Public Space.

Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development, Productivity, Minimalism, Growth – Such a simple well executed concept. Blogs about personal development read out-loud with permission from the authors. They’re quite short episodes 7-10 minutes long, and I just love to put it on, and I genuinely feel like a better human after listening. Try this one ‘These are the Moments We’re Missing

Live.Life.Better – Virgin and Penguin Living. I love reading. So a podcast that is inadvertently about books is my dream. They’re on season 2 now, and both seasons are great. Try ‘A Clutter Free House‘ if like me you have minimalist dreams and a house full of stuff.


I am always on the look out for new podcasts so please let me know you’re recommendations.



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