Rediscovering Me

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

How many times have you glibly read that?

Its true though. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.


Its bizarre as humans that we have these chances to change everyday. And that even if we realise it or not, we are changing everyday.

Anyway… it’s the first day. The first day of my new life.

This life is going to be all about me.

Not in a selfish way. But its just that I really need to put me first.


Somethings you should know.

I’m currently unhappy, unmotivated, unloving, underused, underestimated, under well, under most things really.

Except for over weight. And you know what I am also over waiting (see what I did there?) Overwaiting for a magical silver bullet. I’m my problem. Not in an unloving way, just in an honest way.

I am at that point when I am out of excuses. My work is not stressful, I’ve just moved into a  lovely house, I am in a good state of mind to do so I’m just going to do it!

I’ve had a few years of upheaval. I’m in a relationship and I’m much more used to being single… so I don’t really know what I’m doing there. I switched careers and had no way of knowing how much of a huge upheaval that would be… (more on that another day).

And so really in the space of three years, everythings changed. And some of those changes I chose, and some I never saw coming and then without me even realising it I’ve changed. Even though at the end of every day I didn’t think anything had changed… Weird!

So now, I’m all about re-finding me, or rather refine me too.

What do I want?

  1. To be tihn
  2. To be happy
  3. To be self-employed and making dollar
  4. To write more
  5. To cultivate good friends
  6. To go on adventures
  7. To travel
  8. To make some money
  9. To love myself
  10. To love others well

Now some of those are more vague than others. And I will get round to all of them. But lets start at the top…

Tackling number one…

To be thin

Now I should clarify that thin to me is a size 12 (UK) and so I have three sizes to drop…

What on earth am I going to do???

Well eat less of course! That really is how its done. Eat more fruit and veg, fresh food, living food… you know the good stuff.

I use Lifesum to count calories and meal plan. And drink LOTS of water.

And exercise….

I’m not always great at exercising….

So I thought what can I do really simply is bring in just a few things to my life that will help me move more.

  1. 30 minute walk a day
  2. 20 minutes of stretching
  3. 10 minutes of dancing

That seems totally achiuevable.

I will report back!



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