New Year, New You?

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So we’ve passed Blue Monday in the year of 2018, so apparently our resolutions are supposed to be in tatters but how are you doing?

Are you sticking to your resolutions? Or did you choose Goals over the R word this year?

If you have set a goal, what is it? How are you going to stick to it?

I’m really interested in how people stay on track, is it rewards, or is is it other things, do you have to do it or else something bad happens… and what is the or else.

I LOVE setting goals! I have gone for five big overarching goals, then I have three monthly smaller goals that align with my five goals, then weekly goals which are smaller again which still feed into my big overarching goals.

Every week I see what I have achieved (or haven’t…)

Whats really interesting to me, is if I haven’t achieved it seeing why…

Is it that the goal was too big? Have I changed my mind and actually that’s not what I want to do anymore? Asking yourself weekly what it is you really want and tuning into my personal intuition however small and quiet that intuition might be is really helping. Giving your self space to realise that you hold so many of the answers already to the kind of life you want to lead is exciting!!!

What goals have you made this year? And how are you going to break them down into achievable real life happenings?


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