Christmas Music inspo Day 7

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Oh which song to choose today…

Well I was having a lovely day today and then I walked in on some colleagues definitely talking about me, and then rather than just admitting it and we could have all talked about the thing that they dont think I will talk about it which I totally will they pretended they were speaking about something else.

It wasn’t subtle. And it was soooo obvious. And I’m a big girl now, I can handle questions or points about anything really. What it turns out that I cant handle is people lying to my face and smiling to me when they have just been speaking behind my back and aren’t willing to just talk to my face…

It’s very difficult isn’t it. I’m sure they just felt awkward, or embarrassed but hey the truth is better than lies… right?

So I’m now in the funkiest of funks as can be, why do people gots to be mean? And then lie? Oh well…. a Christmas song that sums up how I feel right now –

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