Christmas Music inspo Day 6

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Hello! day 6 of our musical countdown to Christmas!!! Yeah I love music and I love Christmas so I just thought this year lets share with whoever wants to read / listen my favourite tracks. One song a day simple! oh and I’ll also have a little ramble about my December too….

Today has been a nice morning, went out for brunch with my SO and now back home going to have a chill afternoon as I’m working later today… To all my fellow shift workers I feel ya…

I used to work 9-5 and now my work pattern is all over the place. It’s cool as I love my work but … after escaping the 9-5 (and for me it really was an escape, like I had grown to haaaate the drudgery…) I now miss it!

Why??! I know people say the grass is always greener but I never knew they were right. I feel like I’m having to decide all over again what kind of working life I want… do I want the secure 9-5, where things stay similar day after dar… where when I’m not working everyone else is not working so trying to do stuff always feels like a lot of effort and pushing through crowds… or do I want the turbulent self-employment working crazy hours but being able to have a brunch on a Wednesday whenever I want?!?!?!

Oh who knows!!! Anyway here’s a Christmas song to warm the cockles… (its cold where I am!)


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