Christmas Music inspo Day 1

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

D E C E M B E R!!!!

And as it is time to countdown to Christmas I thought that I would offer up one Christmas song that I love everyday until Christmas day itself, sound like a plan?

So here we go Song Advent Calendar Day One is…… drumrrrrroooolllllll….

Can you think of a better song to start the Christmas countdown with?!

And because one song is not enough… Let’s have a bonus new song too!! As soon as I heard about this collaboration I just could NOT wait!!! Ahhhhhhh so exciting, and, well you can listen for yourself but I think its great.

What are you making of it? I am loving Beyoncé’s vocals on this. Stripped back but still sooo powerful and the gorgeous way Ed Sheeran’s and Beyoncé’s voices entwine to me, make this stronger than the album version.

I think music is the best way to feel festive, hope you enjoy having a listen to both of these.

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