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Sometimes work is hard. And I would say 9 times out of 10 its not the work… it’s the people…

A friend once told me people don’t leave jobs they leave the management AND BOY HOWDY IS THAT TRUE!!!

A while ago I was having a tough time in my job. The management was really going down hill… Not to go into too much detail as there’s no point crying over spilt milk (that you didn’t spill in the first place)… Some real interesting appointments in management had happened… who then dismissed and promoted some real interesting people… roles were being devalued left right and centre… it was demoralising… And then when these problems came home to roost… rather than looking up… they looked down… and so the wrong people were taking the brunt of poor management skills… cut a long story short… It was time to leave.

A few weeks before I did actually hand in my notice and while the big weighty decision was still being made in my head I spoke to someone who had a similar job to me in another company and they told me, “Stay Classy”. And these TWO SIMPLE words became my mantra. When I handed in my notice, when I explained to colleagues my decision, when I was challenged as to my decision, when I was continually asked to go waaaaay above and beyond my job description during my notice period, when they extended my notice period… I clung to that best piece of advice I ever got…


It became the slogan with which I career by. I highly recommend it becomes one of your go to life phrases especially for work… it has never let me down!

Do you have a piece of work advice that has helped your career?

Stay Classy has turned into so much more than just that jobs mantra as well, I genuinely mean it, Stay Classy helps get you out of all situations if like me you really struggle lying, and when people ask you a question you just kind of tell it how it is… this is when Stay Classy can be really very helpful!

It has taken me years to learn that this is totally an achievable goal, to Stay Classy, to not say too much to people who don’t want to hear what you have to say anyway… just Stay Classy, the rest will take care of itself.




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