Black Friday Anxiety

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I woke up today and I was genuinely excited to go online and look at all the Black Friday deals and offers… and then I got serious anxiety about it all… looked round my house and realised that I literally have everything I need!!

Something you should know about me…. I am pretty much a walking contradiction… (paradox… contradiction… both? I don’t know).

Like I know soooo much about healthy eating but I freaking love a Macdonalds breakfast.

I love my creative work… but sometimes it breaks my soul…

I love sleeping…. But I never want to go to sleep…

I really don’t think material things are important… but buying stuff feels so good…

Black Friday is a contradiction, especially coming after Thanksgiving – where you literally give thanks for the important things in life… and I’m guessing most of the time its not stuff… so then why is the next day all about what you can buy when we know that what you can buy doesn’t bring you joy / contentness / lasting happiness.

But…. Who can deny the excitement of buying new things!

And its that struggle of the contradiction that I just find hard to reconcile in my brain… a day that is all about GETTING STUFF when you’ve just spent a day being thankful about all you have… BUT BUYING STUFF IS FUN… BUT YOU ARE ENOUGH… Material stuff doesn’t make you happy… but you cant deny that buzz when you buy something new… We have too much stuff in our homes… but we all like shiny things…

I know what we’re talking about here is consumerism, and consumerism is both completely stupid and yet completely addictive…

For instance I spent several days this summer (and I’m talking full days) sorting through my clothes, (ALL OF THEM), I read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The-Life Changing Magic of Tidying’, I was inspired! And then I realised how much I BOUGHT. Like I buy a lot of clothes, some of them I had bought a year ago at least and they still had the tag in them… so it was like I was only getting the joy out of buying it not even the joy of using it… Something is not right with this!

I have really tried to be mindful of this going forward.

And I am doing better with clothes.

Beauty stuff… less so well with… like do I NEED five different eye creams? No.

Do I buy all five because they all do slightly different things? Yes.

I’m a work in progress… The truth is somewhere in the middle… Is that a cop out? I don’t know! I just wondered if anyone else feels this consumerism anxiety struggle on Black Friday?

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