What do you when you’re feeling blue?

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I’ve got a case of the blues… I don’t know why, I know I should be getting festive but I just feel sad, low, altogether blue.

So how to combat these blues….

Take some time out for yourself – Literally 10 minutes – I’m not talking about going on holiday but if you have the time and budget then totes go for it! But just light a candle, set a timer on your phone and just count your breaths 1 – 10 and then back to 1, it sounds a bit silly but it will work to just help you get some perspective.

Go for a walk – get outside!! This is my number one tip. Just do it now!

Buy yourself a treat! Treat-Yo-Self is a national holiday in my world but when you’re blue just buy something nice for yourself, could be your favourite chocolate bar, a funky bath bomb, a new book. And then give yourself some time to enjoy it.

Talk to someone – Actually this might be my number one tip. Talk to a friend, talk to a parent or parent type figure in your life. Choose someone who you know is going to be able to give you some time and will listen to you. And then importantly listen to them, being a good friend will make you feel better.

A Random Act of Kindness – donate to a charity that resonates with you, go to Crowd Funder or similar type website and find a project that you think sounds awesome and make their day by donating a tenner. You will feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

What do you do when you feel blue to get yourself back on track?



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