Mindful Morning Routine

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Sometimes when life gets complicated putting in some routines can REALLY help.

(I took the above pic earlier this year watching the sunrise in Cornwall and as I’m going to be talking about morning routines my little piece of advice if you will allow me… is simply… when you can go and watch the sunrise – for me it was deeply spiritual and beautiful… yeah!)

I spent the summer (and now quite a lot of autumn) cultivating ‘My Mindful Morning Routine’.

It all came about after having a bit of a tough time (aka life). I had a look around and felt like how I started my days was an achievable place to begin to bring a bit of order, a bit of control (the positive kind) back into my daily life. (Previously my morning routine was a lot me thundering around the home in a rage that I’ve been awoken from my slumber like the giant tiger thing in Aladdin which guards ((or is?)) the cave of wonders… that definitely used to be me)*

My Mindful Morning Routine starts with me waking up and looking out my window as soon as I can! I love seeing what the sky looks like each day – its always changing and is ALWAYS beautiful.

Then I like to make a cuppa tea, normally a classic Tetley Tea or English Breakfast Tea with milk and honey but recently I’ve started craving fruity herbal teas first thing.

I now fight the urge to jump on my phone, and instead open up my ‘Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days’ by Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke.

This is a fab journal all about taking stock of each day, setting achievable goals. All in all it literally helps you count your days, and in doing that make your days count. (I had been struggling with that feeling that life is slipping through my fingers**)

The whole journal is split into four twelve week sections (and scarily kids – that is a whole year). And then you get a take stock of the lat week page and a plan the next week page. But super importantly…

Each day you receive four prompts for the morning, to help you set your goals and think about what you need to do that day and importantly what you WANT to do! (This is important!) And then four prompts for the evening to help you take stock of how your day actually went. It really helps you take responsibility – you’re in control,  you write each day with the actions of your life.

I found that the most important thing is the affirmations. I love doing these and I really find that over time speaking life, love and creativity over yourself has an impact upon your actions and what happens. So yeah give it a go!

Next I like to open my Headspace App and do 10 minutes of meditation. This is one of my favourite times of day. I find it just the most chill. And I can tell the days when I haven’t done it.

After this, I try and do at least 15 minutes of stretching, it’s somewhere between yoga, pilates and just moving my bones – connecting my body back up with my mind (body-mind connection is sooo interesting to me any thoughts on this are so appreciated).

After easing into moving its practical things like having a shower, moisturising my skin, getting dressed and then… Eating!

Breakfast is sooo the best meal of the day! Todays is yoghurt, fruit and honey!

So in short my morning routine looks like this:

Look outside – welcome the light

Drink some tea – rehydration is key

Headspace App – for perspective and chill

Daily Journal – to feel in control

Exercise – to get into my body

Shower – to get clean (clean body clean mind)

Breakfast – Sustenance

And then I’m ready to FACE THE DAY***!!!

What should I add into my morning routine? What are your mindful morning routines?





*And sometimes still I suppose.

**Is that too heavy?! Not too serious, but just sometimes… Does anyone else ever feel like this?!

***Most of the time!


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