My must see Christmas films for the festive season

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I really don’t know if it’s too soon for this… But here we go….

My list of Christmas films to watch this festive season!

It’s not ALL the classics, and it’s not all of my favourites but it is the films that I am definitely going to watch this year! Do let me know what I’ve missed out, what should I be watching?!

First one first…

Home Alone

Growing up this was my older sister’s favourite film and in that petty sibling way I kind of felt like it was her film and not my film… BUT ITS AN AMAZING FILM!!! And I didn’t watch it last year so this year it’s a must.


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Well if you’re watching the first one, you’re going to have to watch the second one. I kind of want to watch it in New York… Yes this is a hint… but even if I just watch it from home its still an awesome film!! Especially the first half of the film.

[My theory for Home Alone 1 & 2 is that if I could have the first half of the second film and then switch to having the second half of the first film then I would have the perfect film]


Love Actually

Because I have actually had a couple of years away from this film I am now seriously excited to watch it again. I’d say for the first 5 years of this films existence I watched it every other day from November – January every year… So it will be nice to see it again this year!



This. Is. Christmas. Hilarious, funny, heartfelt, lovely, its the most feel good film ever. And I really appreciate the family morals within it. Also my girl crush Zoe Deschanel when she was blonde = dreamy.


The Holiday

I love this film, and I like watching it in that post Christmas, pre-new New Year lull. Trust me its perfect for this.

Talking of which…


A Christmas Carol – (Robert Zemecki version)

This film, in my humble opinion (of the versions that I’ve seen) (there are loads) captures the Dicken’s morality tale in the most truthful way. Its why I think after the excesses of the Christmas season it is perfect to watchl, say 27th December, to get some perspective, forget the materialistic nature of Christmas and remember what is really important about this festive season.


Die Hard

Because I have never seen Die Hard before… and everyone who finds that out tells me I should watch it! And apparently its Christmassy??


Miracle on 34th Street (the newer version)

So Richard Attenborough is my father Christmas. When I picture Father Christmas its him in this film! I loved this film growing up sooo much but I don’t think I’ve seen it for about ten years. I am actually excited about seeing this one again!


Jingle All The Way

This is my bonus… It wasn’t really in my mind but then my SO was like this year we need to watch this… I’ll give it a try!


And there we go, its not an exhaustive list but this list is totally achievable which is what I like! I would love to hear what your must watch Christmas films are for this festive season.


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