New Year, New You?

So we’ve passed Blue Monday in the year of 2018, so apparently our resolutions are supposed to be in tatters but how are you doing?

Are you sticking to your resolutions? Or did you choose Goals over the R word this year?

If you have set a goal, what is it? How are you going to stick to it?

I’m really interested in how people stay on track, is it rewards, or is is it other things, do you have to do it or else something bad happens… and what is the or else.

I LOVE setting goals! I have gone for five big overarching goals, then I have three monthly smaller goals that align with my five goals, then weekly goals which are smaller again which still feed into my big overarching goals.

Every week I see what I have achieved (or haven’t…)

Whats really interesting to me, is if I haven’t achieved it seeing why…

Is it that the goal was too big? Have I changed my mind and actually that’s not what I want to do anymore? Asking yourself weekly what it is you really want and tuning into my personal intuition however small and quiet that intuition might be is really helping. Giving your self space to realise that you hold so many of the answers already to the kind of life you want to lead is exciting!!!

What goals have you made this year? And how are you going to break them down into achievable real life happenings?


Advent (song) Calendar: Day 7

Oh which song to choose today…

Well I was having a lovely day today and then I walked in on some colleagues definitely talking about me, and then rather than just admitting it and we could have all talked about the thing that they dont think I will talk about it which I totally will they pretended they were speaking about something else.

It wasn’t subtle. And it was soooo obvious. And I’m a big girl now, I can handle questions or points about anything really. What it turns out that I cant handle is people lying to my face and smiling to me when they have just been speaking behind my back and aren’t willing to just talk to my face…

It’s very difficult isn’t it. I’m sure they just felt awkward, or embarrassed but hey the truth is better than lies… right?

So I’m now in the funkiest of funks as can be, why do people gots to be mean? And then lie? Oh well…. a Christmas song that sums up how I feel right now –

Advent (song) Calendar: Day 6


Hello! day 6 of our musical countdown to Christmas!!! Yeah I love music and I love Christmas so I just thought this year lets share with whoever wants to read / listen my favourite tracks. One song a day simple! oh and I’ll also have a little ramble about my December too….

Today has been a nice morning, went out for brunch with my SO and now back home going to have a chill afternoon as I’m working later today… To all my fellow shift workers I feel ya…

I used to work 9-5 and now my work pattern is all over the place. It’s cool as I love my work but … after escaping the 9-5 (and for me it really was an escape, like I had grown to haaaate the drudgery…) I now miss it!

Why??! I know people say the grass is always greener but I never knew they were right. I feel like I’m having to decide all over again what kind of working life I want… do I want the secure 9-5, where things stay similar day after dar… where when I’m not working everyone else is not working so trying to do stuff always feels like a lot of effort and pushing through crowds… or do I want the turbulent self-employment working crazy hours but being able to have a brunch on a Wednesday whenever I want?!?!?!

Oh who knows!!! Anyway here’s a Christmas song to warm the cockles… (its cold where I am!)


Advent (song) Calendar: Day 4

Oh it’s Monday… and I’ve already had a fight with my SO and it’s stressful Christmas times and it’s super hard this time of year isn’t it??? Or is it just us?! just me?!

I think relationships over the festive period are under strain… Or you’re one of the lucky ones and its the best of times and thats lovely. For you.  I don’t know… maybe it’s just me and my relationship?! Anyhooo… If you have all the Christmas feels and are thinking about past relationships, current relationships, the wins, the losses, could’ve beens, should’ve beens type thoughts then here is the one song that I go back to time and time again…. Turn it up loud and sing it at the top of your lungs!!!

Advent (song) Calendar: Day 3

Todays song comes from the queen herself, Aretha Franklin, this is one of my favourite Christmas songs ever, and this version makes me SING from the top of my lungs, which I think is what we should all be doing in a cold winters day like today!

Have a listen, hope you enjoy!

When I play this song, its like its OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS in my heart! Hahaha!! But seriously there is just something soooo amazing about this song and this version in particular, thanks Aretha you are amazing!!


Advent (Song) Calendar: Day 2

Hope you are all having a lovely December.

It is a tough time of the year too.

For me it’s a really hectic time at work, which isn’t a big deal but it just means that I cant always get as Christmassy as early as some people. It is also drawing to the end of the year, and the regrets of the past are much easier to recall than in the summer…

If you want some music to help you in that melancholy state then this song is for you:

What are your favourite melancholy Christmas songs?